What are plantation shutters? How much do plantation shutters cost in Australia?

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Plantation shutters can really set the mood of a room and shape the overall look of your home. In this guide, we’ll explore what you can expect to pay for them.

Plantation shutters are not only stylish but also practical for controlling air and light in your home. They have a sleek design, adjustable louvres for managing light and ventilation, and are easy to clean with just a cloth or duster.

Let’s go over what you need to think about when choosing plantation shutters and what costs you might encounter.

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What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are a type of window covering featuring wide, adjustable slats or “blades” that can be tilted to control light and privacy. They are typically made of wood, faux wood, or composite materials. Here are some key features and benefits of plantation shutters:


  1. Wide Louvers: The slats are usually 2.5 to 5.5 inches wide, which allows for better light control and visibility.
  2. Durable Frames: The shutters have a sturdy frame that fits snugly against the window.
  3. Adjustable Blades: The blades can be tilted open or closed to let in light or provide privacy.
  4. Customizable: They come in various colours, finishes, and materials to match different interior styles.


  1. Light Control: You can easily adjust the angle of the slats to let in more or less light.
  2. Energy Efficiency: They provide insulation that can help reduce heating and cooling costs.
  3. Privacy: You can tilt the blades to maintain privacy while still allowing light into the room.
  4. Aesthetics: They offer a classic and elegant look that can enhance the appearance of your windows.
  5. Durability: Plantation shutters are long-lasting and can withstand daily use.

Plantation shutters can be a stylish and functional choice for window treatments in many homes.

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How many types of plantation shutters?

Unlike traditional curtains or blinds, plantation shutters have wide slats, called louvres, that can be adjusted to let in as much or as little light as you want. They also come in various materials and styles to fit different home designs and preferences.

Types of Plantation Shutters

There are several types of plantation shutters to choose from, each with its own unique features. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Wood Shutters:
    • Description: Made from natural wood, these shutters have a warm and classic look.
    • Best For: Traditional homes or rooms where you want a natural, elegant appearance.
    • Pros: Attractive, customizable finishes, and strong.
    • Cons: Can be expensive and may not be suitable for high-humidity areas.
  2. Faux Wood Shutters:
    • Description: Made from synthetic materials designed to look like real wood.
    • Best For: Bathrooms or kitchens where moisture might be a concern.
    • Pros: Resistant to moisture, usually less expensive than wood shutters.
    • Cons: Can look less natural compared to real wood.
  3. Composite Shutters:
    • Description: Made from a mix of wood fibres and synthetic materials.
    • Best For: Homes where durability and cost-effectiveness are priorities.
    • Pros: Durable and usually more affordable than real wood.
    • Cons: May not have the same high-end look as real wood.
  4. Vinyl Shutters:
    • Description: Made entirely from vinyl, these shutters are highly durable.
    • Best For: Areas with high humidity, like bathrooms.
    • Pros: Moisture-resistant, easy to maintain.
    • Cons: Limited colour options and might not look as upscale as wood.
  5. Plantation Shutter Panels:
    • Description: These are individual panels that cover the entire window.
    • Best For: Large windows or doors.
    • Pros: Can cover large spaces and offer a uniform look.
    • Cons: May require more maintenance and can be heavy.
  6. Bypass Shutters:
    • Description: Sliding panels that move past one another.
    • Best For: Sliding doors or large windows.
    • Pros: Space-saving design.
    • Cons: Limited to sliding functionality.
  7. Bi-Fold Shutters:
    • Description: Panels fold inwards to open.
    • Best For: Wide windows or patio doors.
    • Pros: Easy to open and close.
    • Cons: Can be bulky and require more space when open.

Plantation shutters are a versatile and stylish window treatment option that offers numerous benefits for your home. With various types like wood, faux wood, composite, and vinyl, you can choose the perfect shutters based on your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for elegant aesthetics, efficient light control, or durability, there’s a plantation shutter style that will fit your requirements.

How much do plantation shutters cost in Australia?

The cost of plantation shutters in Australia can vary widely based on several factors, including the material, size, style, and brand. Here’s a detailed breakdown to give you a clearer idea of what you might expect to pay:

Factors Affecting the Cost of Plantation Shutters

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  1. Material: The type of material used for the shutters will significantly affect the price.
    • Wood Shutters: Generally the most expensive option due to the natural material and high-quality finish.
    • Faux Wood Shutters: Mid-range pricing, offering a balance between cost and durability.
    • Composite Shutters: Affordable and durable, often cheaper than real wood but more expensive than vinyl.
    • Vinyl Shutters: Usually the least expensive option.
  2. Size and Customization: Larger windows or doors and custom designs will increase the cost.
    • Standard Sizes: Less expensive because they require less customization.
    • Custom Sizes: Higher costs due to the need for bespoke manufacturing.
  3. Style: Different styles and configurations affect the price.
    • Panel Configurations: Single panels, bi-folds, and bypass shutters have different price points.
    • Louvre Sizes: Wider louvres might cost more due to additional material and design considerations.
  4. Installation: Professional installation can add to the total cost.
    • DIY Installation: More affordable but requires time and skill.
    • Professional Installation: Generally recommended for best results and includes labour costs.
  5. Brand and Quality: Premium brands and high-quality products will cost more.
    • High-End Brands: Known for superior materials and craftsmanship.
    • Budget Brands: More affordable but may have lower quality.

Average Cost Estimates in Australia

Here’s a general price range for plantation shutters in Australia, broken down by material and type:

Material/TypeCost per Square Metre
Wood Shutters$400 – $700
Faux Wood Shutters$300 – $600
Composite Shutters$250 – $550
Vinyl Shutters$200 – $500

Cost Breakdown Example

Here’s a rough cost breakdown for different types of plantation shutters based on a standard window size of 1.2m x 1.2m (1.44 square meters):

  1. Wood Shutters:
    • Price Range: $576 – $1,008
    • Estimated Cost: Around $792
  2. Faux Wood Shutters:
    • Price Range: $432 – $864
    • Estimated Cost: Around $648
  3. Composite Shutters:
    • Price Range: $360 – $792
    • Estimated Cost: Around $576
  4. Vinyl Shutters:
    • Price Range: $288 – $720
    • Estimated Cost: Around $504

Additional Costs

  • Professional Installation: $50 – $100 per hour. For a standard window, installation might take 1-2 hours, so expect to pay $100 – $200 for installation.
  • Custom Design Fees: Extra charges for custom sizes or specific designs can vary, often around $50 – $150 per window.

Total Cost Example for a Standard Window

Assuming an average installation fee of $150 and using a mid-range product:

MaterialCost per Square MetreStandard Window CostTotal Cost (Including Installation)
Wood Shutters$400 – $700$576 – $1,008$942
Faux Wood Shutters$300 – $600$432 – $864$798
Composite Shutters$250 – $550$360 – $792$726
Vinyl Shutters$200 – $500$288 – $720$654

Where to Buy Plantation Shutters in Australia

You can find plantation shutters at various places in Australia, including:

  • Speciality Shutter Companies: Such as Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutters.
  • Home Improvement Stores: Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10.
  • Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon Australia or eBay.

Are plantation shutters a good investment?

Plantation shutters might cost a bit more upfront, but they’re worth it. They’re a long-lasting home improvement that can save you money in the long run. Unlike traditional blinds, plantation shutters are built to last a lifetime, so you might end up spending just as much or more on blinds over time. Plus, their energy efficiency can help reduce your energy bills. For a high-quality, durable option, go with plantation shutters.

You can contact Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutters today to schedule an appointment and give your windows the upgrade they deserve!

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